Wishes of the prefect: fight against insecurity and better cooperation with Sint Maarten


The prefect Anne Laubies presented Tuesday evening her wishes for the year 2016 to the population, elected officials and representatives of the living forces of the two parts of the island during a ceremony which took place on the site of the annex of the prefecture, in Galisbay. 

As a preamble, the prefect thanked the State services for their work and paid tribute to the people who died on November 13 in the attacks in Paris. The fight against armed robberies, attempted homicides and homicides, which are down slightly on the territory, is the prefect's priority. This is also the case for burglaries, which are experiencing a significant increase, especially in commercial premises. To remedy this, the “Vigi-commerce” system will soon be put in place. In terms of road safety, "we must continue to protect, warn and sanction," adds Anne Laubies, praising the work of the police. Among the important events of 2015, the representative of the State returned to the visit of the President of the Republic François Hollande on May 8. "We are all at work to implement the presidential commitments," she said. The reform of the RSA in our territory; the detached chamber of the Basse-Terre tribunal de grande instance in Saint-Martin; application of the NATINF code; the visit of a mission to update the cadastre and support the Collectivity in its projects are among the major issues. In a future regional administration committee - bringing together under the authority of the regional prefect Jacques Billant all the regional services - the specific problems of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy will be discussed, announces the prefect.

Concrete cooperation to manage common problems

Cooperation with Sint Maarten is important for the Prefect and must be "concrete", because "we share the same island, with respect for the skills and sovereignty of each". Anne Laubies wants regular meetings with the authorities of the Dutch side: "We will be able to better understand and deal with the issues." A new cross-border operational program and a police cooperation treaty are also on the agenda. After the intervention of the prefect, the guests were invited to a cocktail.

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