Selling Saint Martin: a big challenge


Tourism, so important for the island's economy, is also organized from the mainland thanks to the travel agencies that sell the destination. It is not the one they highlight the most, because it is one of the most expensive islands of the Antilles. 

As an indication, a 6-night all-inclusive trip costs € 600 for Guadeloupe, but € 970 for Saint-Martin! In addition, customers who are looking for discovery tourism and not just seaside tourism are guided to larger islands and where, at first impression, a wider choice of activity is offered. Several agencies must admit that they have never sold the destination Saint Martin other than in a “dry” flight in the jargon of the profession, that is to say, not seasoned with hotels, safaris and other excursions, to people. going to visit friends who work there. In addition, French goes where French is spoken. And often, the hotels offered in the catalog are in the Dutch part. Speaking English is therefore an effort incompatible with the idleness sought and would risk canceling all the benefits of a rest under the coconut trees! However, and Saint-Martin is not without knowing it, there are many tourists including the French side: it is the fans who come there every year or the curious who have already been in the other Caribbean islands. _HM


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