The postman who was suspicious of wild mailboxes


At La Poste, if everything is not rosy, you might think that everything is yellow: motivated factors and friendly company that structures social ties. But the thing to be wary of, more than dogs that have a similar epithet, is wild mailboxes. 

They are often those of recent constructions which have not been declared and the factor who discovers them must ensure that they are connected to the network.

Beyond the problem of declaration and despite their amusing charm, the batteries of letterboxes piled up at the end of dead ends are also rarely up to standard. Slots too small where parcels do not go through, names difficult to read… These shortcomings partly explain the rate of collection of taxes which is still too low in Saint-Martin, despite recent improvements. The "family" management of letter boxes makes it easy to pretend that the tax notice has not been received.

Send and distribute mail

These two tasks must also adapt to the realities of 2015. The number of paper folds is decreasing and the profession must be reinvented. La Poste thus wants to put its skills to good use in particular in the field of cadastre: the director of La Poste en Outre-mer works in concert with the vice-president of the Collectivity to gather all the knowledge of the factors and draw up a precise, exhaustive and efficient of Saint Martin. An internal software already allows the factors to bring up to the national level any modification of constructions. Finally, the proximity link of state servants who are also the factors could be used to inform customers about the banking services offered by La Poste or even to pass the driving license. (Supplement to the article published this week) _HM


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