THEATER: Double dose of laughter with "Loc' à terre!" and "The Confessional"


The Compagnies des Têtes de l'Art officially closes the chapter of its 2021-2022 workshops after the stage performances of adults, teenagers and children, all warmly applauded by the public.

Laurence Blanc, conductor of the theater workshops, had chosen to adapt the play “Avis de passage” by Jean-Pierre Martinez, thus naming the show “Loc' à terre! and present it to the group of adults. The latter had a field day interpreting caricature characters haunted by a crow depositing threatening letters in boxes in the courtyard of their building. Above all, let's remember the pure pleasure of the actors in giving each other the line in this vaudeville where situation comedy has a central place. The adults then left the stage at the Théâtre de la Chapelle to the children and teenagers. The least we can say is that it was crazy crazy crazy. "Le Confessional", entirely written and directed by Laurence Blanc, is a succession of sketches taking place in a psychiatric hospital where obsessive-compulsive disorders are in the spotlight. Twenty-six children and teenagers aged 8 to 16 donned the legendary hospital gown and were not afraid to revolutionize the art of hairdressing to give life to somewhat bland but above all hilarious, endearing and humans. There was no shortage of laughter in the room. As with adults during their performance, a real delight can be read on the faces of the young actors who have shone on the theater stage. If Laurence Blanc gave them one thing, it was the pleasure of playing. _VX

 Information for theater workshops: +06 90 54 20 50 XNUMX

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