STREET ART: First fresco in Orient Bay


The Wall Art collective struck again, but it was under the bombs of Slimane that the colors exploded in Orient Bay.

The meeting between Donovan Tremor (co-founder of the Wall Art collective) and Sliman Ismaïli Alaoui (painter) was inevitable. It was also during the latter that the fresco project at Orient Bay was born. And for this first fresco in this particular landscape, the two artists have chosen a chameleon, an animal that is certainly not very common on the island, but it remains a tropical animal that adapts to its environment and not the other way around. They also needed an original animal in terms of artistic achievement, if there are already turtles, butterflies, birds and other emblematic animals painted on the walls of the territory, the colorful chameleon of the soundtrack is a great first. Animals and colors, two themes dear to and faithful to the directional line of the association whose main aim is to pose new ideas through colors, ideas from elsewhere but always in a tourist setting or having a close link or from afar with the island of Saint-Martin. The Wall Art collective welcomes any street art artist, even passing through, in order to embellish the streets of the territory thanks to the talent and style of each. Donovan chose to integrate Sliman, whom he considers to be an artist of great motivation, with the desire to bring his touch to Saint-Martin. Sliman shows many styles and looked forward to this new project. The choice of the motif allowed him to be able to have fun with the colors and to express himself artistically with an Orient Bay lettering on the opposite wall, a nod to his 15 years of experience in graffiti. He will have worked 3 days in a row to make this first work visible halfway down Avenue des Plages, facing the rear walls of the restaurants in the village square. Many passers-by, tourists or even residents enjoyed being able to admire the artist at work. U.S. too._VX


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