Show: "Les Noces de Figaro" in Saint-Martin!


This 7th edition of the “Voyage around the opera” project was aimed at “Les Noces de Figaro”. This bouffe opera by WA Mozart, which is inspired by Beaumarchais' “Marriage of Figaro”, is full of intrigue and twists and turns. Teachers and students from GS to CM2 at Siméonne Trott, Emile Choisy, Elie Gibs, Omer Arrondell, Clair Saint-Maximin, Hervé Williams and Aline Hanson schools,  studied this literary work before designing a production that combines song, choreography, theater and choir. They also developed the representation booklet.

On the occasion of the final performance on June 20, 2019, which took place in the "Lazy Bay" parking lot, many spectators were able to attend a high-quality performance. All spectators praised the remarkable work of the teachers and the involvement of the students. From a  educational point of view all the work carried out around this project was an opportunity to combine literature, song, dance and at the same time mastery of the scenic space and therefore of its body. Playing with the Other allows you to get to know each other!

The event ended with a surprise duo performed by the lyric singer, Soline Serre Combe, and Georgios Papaefstratiou, school teacher who participated with his class in the project, lyric singer. They gave us a superb interpretation of “Là ci darem la mona” aria from the opera Don Giovani by Wolgang Amadeus Mozart.

This year, the students had the chance to rub shoulders with the Soline Serre-Combe performance, which has been singing since the age of 16.

During this meeting with the students, the artist first performed two arias from the opera “Les noces de Figaro” (work of the 7th edition) then followed an exchange in the form of questioning in relation to the project but also on the artistic career of the lyric singer.

The pupils were able to grasp the lyric song more concretely and learned to better understand the artistic world, in particular the world of opera.

This meeting contributed to the student's artistic and cultural education journey, whose main objectives  are: frequenting, practicing and appropriating knowledge. They were able to exchange, question and sometimes debate with an artist.

We would like to thank Karine Mingau from the “Grain d'Or” association who kindly lent us the traditional outfits for the main characters, and the ASCZEPIN association which financed the interventions of the opera singer in the participating schools and the rental of the parking lot. "Lazy Bay". (Thanks to Valérie Siobud)


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