BLUE WEEK: The Sem Ta Route association brings together young and old


As part of the international week of the elderly which takes place from October 3 to 9, the association Sem Ta Route via its Center Social Hope 978 in Quartier d'Orléans organized in the afternoon of this Wednesday, October 5 a meeting between the seniors and the children of the association.

As the Blue Week calendar also matches the breast cancer awareness campaign called "Pink October" which runs throughout the month, the Sem Ta Route association took advantage of this juxtaposition to integrate this theme into its action. which took place at the Residence Les Palmeraies in Quartier d'Orléans. The Hope 978 Social Center, which offers extracurricular activities for children with the desire to extend its program to the elderly or people with disabilities, brought together the young generation and seniors for an afternoon. Installed in the garden of the residence, the children had decorated the tree with strips in the colors of Blue Week and Pink October. 

Sitting on blankets laid in the grass with the "super grandmas" and the "super grandpas" installed on chairs behind them, the children took advantage of the various interventions such as the testimony of an elderly person on his life as a senior. with a direct exchange with the young assembly or even that of a breast cancer survivor who came to us from the Dutch side and publishes small books for children to raise awareness and inform them about this disease. The afternoon gathering continued with the presentation to the elders of a gift basket by the children, a basket made up of local provisions: plantain, avocado, ginger and spices. During this event which could not have taken place without the efficiency of the facilitators Marie-Claire, Marie-Chantale, Suzy Larmony, executive assistant and Mr Germany, speaker on the elderly, the president of the association, Aline Freedom , welcomed the presence of the Nature is the Key association of Sandy Ground: "I am very happy to see the children of Sandy Ground with us, our objective is to meet more often with the Nature is the Key association to develop links between Quartier d'Orléans and Sandy Ground and so that children can mingle and get to know each other better, in order to also avoid rivalries between neighborhoods or other gang stories. The meeting between the young and the old generation also marks the starting point for activities for the elders of Quartier d'Orléans and the surrounding neighborhoods, according to the president of Sem Ta Route. Martine Beldor, member of the Executive Council of the Community and president, among others, of the Associative Life Commission took the floor to thank the association for its invitation to this action which was a real pleasure for the person concerned. “Proposing intergenerational actions is really honorable on the part of Sem Ta Route. We're celebrating breast cancer awareness while honoring our super grandmas and super grandpas. Children, take advantage of the time you have to spend some time with your elders, it's very important and formative, they will teach you a lot of things..." also remembering that talking with the elderly can break their sense of 'isolation. _VX

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