Running: La Saint-Martinoise Girls: schools in the spotlight!


On Wednesday March 16, the Avenir Sportif Club de Saint-Martin organized the 1st edition of the Saint Martinoise Girls. This event, open to schoolchildren, brought together 140 girls from elementary schools Clair St Maximin, Marie-Amelie Ledet, Aline Hanson, Omer Arrondell, middle schools Soualiga, Roche Gravée de Moho and Mont des Accords.

Just like the edition open to women, the club offered students a rich event with a collective warm-up, a 2km race followed by zumba and a raffle.

From the Galisbay car park to the jetty, the young girls were able to show their tenacity, and if from the start the most experienced broke away from the peloton, all finished the course, with or without difficulty.

Upon arrival, the young athletes received a medal and a diploma from the organizing team, thus rewarding their efforts.

This year, the ASCSM wanted to mark the 10th edition of La Saint-Martinoise with an event open to the youngest. The goal for the club is to encourage young girls to play sports, and above all to promote them in an event reserved for women. Congratulations to the 140 runners and teaching staff present for this first edition which will call for others! _AF

The results :

CM1: 1) Timoya Blackwood (Omer Arrondell) / 2) Naima Dormoy (Omer Arrondell) / 3) Charline Richardson (Marie-Amélie Leydet).

CM2: 1) Manon Zokli (Aline Hanson) / 2) Ayana Blair (Marie-Amélie Leydet) / 3) Velcuse Dervil (Aline Hanson).

6th grade class: 1) Dalhia Romulus (Soualiga middle school) / 2) Margot Heckman (Mont des Accords middle school) / 3) Miah Minville (Mont des Accords middle school).

5th grade class: 1) Ketina Dieujuste (Mont des Accords middle school) / 2) Anayah Hodge (Mont des Accords middle school) / 3) Andora Leconte (Mont des Accords middle school).

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