PPRN: Who had also requested the cancellation of the prefectural decree?


Even if the Collectivité communicated on the judgment rendered by the administrative court of Saint-Martin (and not of Paris as indicated in the press release initially) in the case of the cancellation of the prefectural decree applying the plan in advance prevention of natural risks (PPRN), it was not the only one to have taken legal action.

In fact, the administrative court of Saint-Martin received three other requests.

SCI Triomphe, the company Virtus and Sarl Salines d'Orient filed a joint request on November 7, 2019. For clarification, SCI Triomphe had the ambition to rebuild two beach restaurants at Nettle Bay.

Several companies operating properties in the Terres Basses sent a joint request on October 28, 2019: they are Sarl DP Immobilier Saint-Martin, the companies Remora, Woodward, Little Jazz Bird, Tom & Roby's LLC, Hacienda, Battles St Martin holding Company, Plum Bay Retreat, Plum Point Shores Inc, Plum Point vista Inc, Plum Point Inc, Owl's Nest Limited, MGT 74, SPRL JPDETRY, Nasara, Excel Venture I LLC, the free association of Baie Rouge as well as neuf residents. Note that Excel Venture I LLC is the company that operates the Château des Palmiers.

Finally, another local resident also individually seized the court on November 14, 2019.

As for the COM, it had filed its request on November 13.

All had requested the cancellation of the prefectural decree; the four applications were examined on June 30, 2020 in open court in Basse-Terre and the (identical) judgments were read on July 23.


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