ITB Berlin, the great mass of global tourism trends


From March 6 to 10, 2019, the Berlin International Tourism Fair (ITB) was held in Germany. This major inter-professional congress is one of the most important meetings in the world for players in the tourism sphere and more particularly for the global tourism industry.

180 countries participate, 11 exhibitors offer the unique opportunity for 000 visitors to consult a veritable laboratory of ideas, innovations and developments in the tourist markets. All tourism players are represented, destinations, tour operators, booking sites, tour operators, airlines, hotels, car rental companies and new technology providers.

This meeting is essential for all professionals as a platform par excellence of B2B (commercial activities between companies) and for the general public, which is hosted on weekends, and who can benefit from the opportunity to discover on a same place everyone and the activities implemented in B2C (towards consumers). 

All the colors of tourism are represented, cultural tourism, cruises, business tourism, eco-tourism. Saint-Martin therefore has many assets to make known and to share, in order to attract different clienteles.

This fair is also the best place to stay informed of new trends and new concepts, the place to discuss the development of new technologies in the tourism industry and meet professionals from various markets. 

As such, the Tourist Office, represented by the Europe Promotion Manager, Olivier LOUIS, was able to create links with representatives of under-exploited markets to date, such as the countries of the east, Russia and the whole sphere. German-speaking. Several meetings with German tour operators (Tui, Dertour, Meier's Weltreisen) made it possible to review the referencing of Saint-Martin hotel products and to consider their expansion.

Canada, the United States and England have also been targeted in order to build loyalty and maintain the attractiveness of Saint Martin with Anglo-Saxon countries.  

A representative of La Playa Orient Bay Hotel made the trip, to illustrate all the reconstruction and renovation work carried out  on the island.

The global tourism sector is constantly innovating to offer increasingly individual travel experiences. The destinations of tomorrow will be those that have been able to anticipate demand and put new technologies at the heart of the customer experience, for ever more personalization.

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