More working people and fewer unemployed people in the Dutch part


The working population in France amounted to 17 people in 622, almost half of the total population. It is slightly down compared to 2015 (-2010%). On the other hand, the share of the employed population decreases further: it went from 1,3 to 12 people in five years (-991%). 

Two-thirds of the workforce is employed.

On the Dutch side, the working population, which represents 52% of the total population, amounted to 22 people in 324, it is up by 2017% compared to 15. Almost nine out of ten working people are employed in Sint Maarten. The employed population increased by 2011% in six years to reach 22 people in 20. Conversely, the number of people looking for work is 954 times less today than at the start of the 2017s with 1,6 people unemployed in 2010.

The working population is one quarter higher in the Dutch part than in the French part, while the total population is only 11% higher. The active population is 1,8 times more numerous in Sint Maarten and the number of unemployed 3,4 times less than in the French part. 


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