Income tax 2015: five weeks to send your return


Community president Aline Hanson presented the 2015 income tax declaration campaign to the press last week. The deadline for filing your declarations with the tax service has been set for May 31.

“I invite all households to sincerely complete their income statement”, declared the president, in the presence of Marie Ostalie-Morvillier, public accountant of the Collectivity, Horace Cantone, head of the tax service, and David Girardot, responsible for the taxation department of the Collectivity. As announced by Aline Hanson during the last Territorial Council, no major changes are planned. Even the 40% tax cut is still valid. “This reduction is only 30% in Guadeloupe and it does not exist in mainland France,” recalled the president, specifying the amounts of taxable income: a single person will have to declare more than 15.250 euros. Taxpayers will receive their return starting this week. _EH

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