Grand-Case: two murders perpetrated but the human toll could have been heavier…


The two individuals implicated in the double homicide, committed on the night of Saturday to Sunday at Grand-Case, in a bar located at the intersection of rue des Ecoles and RN7, were arrested and transferred to the parquet floor of Pointe -to-Pitre. Information specified by the vice-prosecutor, Yves Paillard, during the press conference organized last Monday in court, in the presence of the gendarmerie commander, Sébastien Manzoni, the captain, Emmanuel Maignan and the adjutant, Grégory Martin, survey director. A reminder of the facts: Last Sunday, at 0:45 am, three men between the ages of 24 and 26 burst into a well-known bar in Grand Case. "Obviously alcoholic, they attack another young man, whom they accuse of being the lover of the companion of one of them. In fact, they surprised the couple dancing in this bar where about forty people were, "said the deputy prosecutor. "After a fight broke out, the young man, dancing on the track, took out a handgun, a Glock 17 and shot in the head of the young woman's partner," continued the Vice-Prosecutor, specifying that the young man who died in hospital, was from Antigua but had lived on the island for many years, more precisely in Grand-Case. In the process, his two accomplices seized the weapon to attempt to fire the shooter. In vain, the pistol did not work. From there, the two men chased him hard and struck him with the butt on the head (note: the victim died later that night in the hospital). Obviously in a daze, the latter tried, in the process, to kill the young woman (note: mother of four children) after having pointed the pistol at her temple. Fortunately, the weapon has stopped and the blow is not gone! The two men then took off in the direction of another person's home, accusing him of being at the origin of the meeting between the young woman and her alleged lover. Both tried to execute it with the famous "Glock 17", a new murderous attempt which luckily failed. _AF

Call for witnesses: The Gendarmerie launches a call for witnesses to gather more information from the many people present in the bar, last Saturday, at the time of the events. If you have information likely to advance the investigation, you can reach the Gendarmerie by dialing 17 or go directly to the Saverne Barracks.

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