Gendarmerie: The rules of caution to observe when acquiring a used vehicle


As part of the fight against car theft on the island of Saint-Martin, the National Gendarmerie recommends to the population the following rules of caution in the purchase of used vehicles:

- beware of prices lower than those on the current market.

- check that the engine number is not illegible

- be extremely careful with used vehicles registered in Sint Maarten

By purchasing this type of vehicle, buyers encourage more vehicle thefts.

In the event of an inspection, and if it turns out that the vehicle has been stolen, it will be automatically seized with no possibility of return to the buyer. In addition, it is recalled that the fact of holding a stolen vehicle is considered to be “concealment”, an offense punishable by imprisonment as well as theft itself.

In addition, vehicle owners are invited to:

- not to leave the gray card inside the vehicle.

- opt for vehicle protection systems that make it possible to delay thieves in their action (anti-theft at the wheel or on the gear lever, alarm, etc.)

In case of doubt, the gendarmeries of Concordia and Hope Estate can answer your questions.

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