Fête de la Musique 2022: the Tourist Office thanks the artists, traders and partners!


Tuesday, June 21, the city center vibrated to the rhythm of the Fête de la Musique. The Tourist Office, at the initiative of the event, would like to salute the mobilization of all the actors.

In order to energize the heart of Marigot, the Tourist Office had organized its first Fête de la Musique by inviting many artists and school choirs throughout the day. On rue du Général de Gaulle, which has become pedestrianized for the occasion, several music and dance programs followed one another in front of delighted passers-by who were able to participate in the game "La Roue de la Musique" and win prizes in partner shops. from Marigot and the Marina Royale. The Tourist Office would particularly like to salute the mobilization of these merchants who played the game 100% by offering gifts and proposing fashion shows.

Until nightfall, everyone celebrated the music in a good atmosphere, inaugurated with the Saint-Martin hymn “O Sweet Saint-Martin's Land” interpreted by the choir of the Elie Gibs primary school. From the children who sang with their hearts, to the musicians, entertainers, dancers and choreographers, all made this Fête de la Musique a great day. Highlight of the show: the surprise flash mob at 18 p.m. to close the event, creating great enthusiasm among the public.

The Tourist Office welcomes this initiative because it has created a real dynamic in the heart of Marigot, by promoting the economic actors of the city center as well as the many talents in our territory. The event should be repeated next year and will take into account the constructive feedback from all the actors involved in the event to improve this popular and unifying event.

The Tourist Office would like to warmly thank the public who came to enjoy this Fête de la Musique, as well as all the artists who gave their best for the success of this day: the choirs of the primary school Elie Gibbs, from Soualiga College, the Second and First classes of Robert Weinum High School and the Terminale class of Professional High School Daniella Jeffry, Tamillia Chance (singer), Eolia Ada (choreographer), Deyon Bovel (choreographer), Peggy Oulerich ( choreographer), Ricky da Fox (host), Deejblack boy (sound engineer and DJ).

The Tourist Office also sends a very big thank you to all the partners who have largely contributed to the success of this day.


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