Covid-19: 45% vaccination coverage in Sint Maarten


The Dutch side is continuing its vaccination campaign started last February. As of July 10, 19 people had received a full vaccination schedule.

23 people received a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, or about 270% (against 45% in the French part) The objective of the authorities in the Dutch part is to reach 32 people vaccinated, i.e. a vaccination coverage rate of 44%.

As of July 10, the authorities in Sint Maarten counted five new cases of Covid-19, bringing the total number of active cases back to 22. Since the start of the crisis, the Dutch side has accumulated 2638 people who have tested positive.

The CPS is currently monitoring 18 people in isolation at home. Four patients are hospitalized at Sint Maarten Medical Center.

Since June 15, the Dutch side has deplored two new deaths, bringing the total number of deaths since the start of the health crisis to 34, against 38 for the French side.

3 travelers arriving at Princess Juliana Airport were tested, and 304 people across the country. 35 people, contact cases, are currently in quarantine.

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