Coronavirus: Four people healed and no new case of Covid-19 declared in the French part


No new cases of Covid-19 to report and four people cured: this is the good health report communicated by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) on Thursday, April 16.

The number of “active” patients on the French side is 13 people, 3 of whom are hospitalized in Guadeloupe and 2 at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital.

Since the start of the epidemic, 20 women and 15 men have contracted the disease. All districts are affected. Epidemiological surveillance in the city shows that the virus is still circulating. A widening of the tests is implemented in order to control the level of effective circulation.

More than ever, keep your distance and imperatively respect confinement

Confinement reduces social interactions and therefore limits the spread of the virus. It is imperative that we all see ourselves as carriers of the virus and that we adopt the right behaviors.

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