Covid-19: The number of active cases up slightly in Saint-Martin


The latest health bulletin from the Regional Health Agency (ARS) reports 14 new cases registered in part in France for the week of April 12 to 18. A slightly higher figure  compared to the previous week (9 new cases).

A total of 18 positive people are recorded over the same week by Public Health France (SPF), which includes in its figures people with a main residence in Saint-Martin and tested both in France and in our territory. Taking into account the consolidated data from previous weeks, this brings to 1 the number of cumulative cases of coronavirus confirmed in the territory since the start of the epidemic.

The small number of screening RT-PCRs (variant search) entered in SI-DEP does not allow Public Health France to show the real rate of variants. However, monitoring the ARS allows us to say that we are 100% English-type variants.


A death to be deplored

The death of an 83-year-old patient in the Covid unit is to be deplored on April 12.

As of April 20, a confirmed Covid patient is hospitalized in the medical department of Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital.

Note that no medical evacuation of Covid patients was carried out, to Guadeloupe, between April 12 and 18.


Monitoring indicators at SXM

Epidemiological indicators remain at a low level, despite a slight increase this week, which shows that the virus remains present in the territory.

• The weekly incidence rate, according to Si-DEP data, is below the alert threshold. It is established (for all the cases in Saint-Martin tested on the territory or residents tested outside the territory) at 39,2 / 100 inhabitants in week 000, against 15 / 25,2 inhabitants in week 100.

• The weekly positivity rate, still according to the SI-DEP data is 1,3%, it is increasing compared to last week (vs 0,8% in W14) but remains below the vigilance threshold *.

The increase in indicators this week should encourage us not to lower our vigilance and to continue the efforts made on a daily basis.


Registration procedures for vaccination on RV:

The arrangements for making appointments in vaccination centers for priority people and residents of the northern islands are:

- Online registration via the Internet, via the e-RDV platforms chosen by these vaccination centers, on the site;

- Registration via their attending physician;

- Registration via a single call number for our region (Guadeloupe and northern islands) on the platform dedicated to the public and professionals "TAP / RIPOSTE COVID 19" at 05 90 99 14 74 from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m. .

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