Agriculture (Resilience Plan) Government aid for breeders to partially cover the additional cost of buying food


The war situation in Ukraine is causing major disruptions in the supply of our economy both in terms of flows and in terms of prices. Agricultural raw materials, notably cereals and plant proteins, have seen their prices rise sharply.

Among the measures of the economic and social resilience plan put in place by the government, the “animal feed” measure aims to absorb part of the increases in the cost of animal feed caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

A system dedicated to breeders in Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin is now open, with an envelope of 1,4 million euros. Are eligible farms or fish farms with an active SIRET, and having had at least €1 of animal feed costs over a reference period of 500 months running from March 4 to July 16, 15.

The aid request form and its instructions are available on the website of the prefecture of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin: Action-de-l-Etat/Agriculture-et-alimentation/PLAN-DE-RESILIENCE-OUVERTURE-D-UNGUICHET-POUR-SOUTENIR-LES-ELEVEURS-AIDE-A-L-ALIMENTATION-ANIMALE

The aid application files, completed and accompanied by the requested documents, must be submitted to the DAAF directly at its premises or by post, to: DAAF Territorial Unit, Prefecture of Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin, 23 rue de Spring Marigot 97150 Saint-Martin or electronically at

The deadline for submitting the file is July 29, 2022 at 12 p.m.


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