Illegal interest taking: € 10 suspended against Louis-Constant Fleming


Louis-Constant Fleming was sentenced to a fine of 10 euros suspended by the court of Saint-Martin for illegal taking of interests. He was accused in particular of having authorized, as administrator of Semsamar, the latter's acquisition of land in Spring, the owner of which was his mother, worth several million euros. Louis-Constant Fleming appeared before the courts under the procedure on recognition of guilt (CRPC) on June 000. If this procedure is very frequent in mainland France, it was not implemented in Saint-Martin until the beginning of this year. It was made possible by the creation of the detached chamber. This procedure allows the person suspected of an offense to avoid a trial and to be summoned to a correctional hearing; however, she must plead guilty, that is, admit that she has admitted having committed the offense. (More details on

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