SAFETY- PREVENTION / CLSPD: concrete actions undertaken on the ground


The Community of Saint-Martin, in full consultation with the State and the justice system, was able to make significant progress in the context of prevention and security actions (CLSPD), contributing to better coordination of the overall prevention policy of delinquency in the territory of Saint-Martin.

Since 2022, the CLSPD of Saint-Martin has deployed a new dynamic aimed at taking visible field actions and fighting effectively in favor of public peace. These actions are starting to bear fruit through several measures deployed jointly in the districts of Saint-Martin. 

During the select committee of February 19, 2024, Annick Pétrus, senator from Saint-Martin and local elected official in charge of public peace within the CLSPD, had the opportunity to present the work in progress and to come, carried out by this body public co-chaired by the president of the Community and the delegated prefect.

  Road safety at the heart of the CLSPD’s priorities

As Annick Pétrus indicated, in terms of road safety, the “Collectivity at the heart of the neighborhoods” operation made it possible to instill a dynamic of proximity with residents, and in particular young people with the distribution of protective helmets for two-wheelers.

President Louis Mussington was attached to this objective and would like to welcome this initiative of the CLSPD teams, Hénoc Patrick and Jocelyn Jermin, the gendarmerie having testified to the effectiveness of this device and the use by young people of the helmets offered by the Community.  The relaunch of the motorcycle run supervised by the AMAN association also made its contribution with a secure location serving motor sports enthusiasts. A two-wheel driving awareness campaign is also scheduled for April 2024.

  3 street mediators, 1 socio-cultural facilitator and 2 school representatives intervene on the ground in the service of public peace

The establishment, on January 1, of the Prevention and Security Mission, which acts on street mediation and socio-cultural activities within neighborhoods, contributes significantly to the prevention of delinquency. These 5 community agents will be present at the exit of schools and in the neighborhoods, a very appreciated presence on the ground (continued and finished in our edition tomorrow).

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