Corruption case in the service of foreigners of the prefecture: up to three years in prison required by the vice-prosecutor


Thursday took place the trial of EJ, agent of the community made available to the prefecture in 2014 in the service of foreigners. She is prosecuted for passive bribery and assists in the entry, movement or illegal stay of foreigners in France.

Concretely, he is accused of having accepted bribes in return for the processing of applications for residence permit receipts, documents which have been granted to applicants.

At his side, fifteen other people are also implicated, they are the applicants for title - most from the Dominican Republic - and intermediaries, prosecuted for active corruption and improper obtaining of title for some. Four files were returned at the request of their lawyers.

Thursday appeared before the criminal court of Saint Martin ten defendants

"An emblematic case of an unhealthy system", this is how the deputy prosecutor began his indictment. He requested against the agent a sentence of three years in prison, a fine of 30 euros and a definitive ban on exercising a public office, against the intermediary eighteen months in prison, a fine of 000 euros and a final ban on staying in France, four months in prison against a legal Dominican in part French, who had collected the money from a document applicant and returned him to the second intermediary of the case and three months in prison against the other defendants. The judgment was reserved for March 10. (more details on

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