He was accused of selling cannabis


While he was with friends at Sandy Ground in July 2016, a 30-year-old man was checked by the gendarmes. They ask him for his identity but he does not have his papers with him. They find on him 1 euros in cash, slipped without his shoulder bag. They also discover sachets of cannabis hidden in the wheel of a car parked nearby and others under the chair on which his friend sits. The two individuals are brought to the gendarmerie to be heard, but he will be the only one to be prosecuted. He thus appeared before the criminal court of Saint-Martin for in particular possession and sale of narcotic drugs.

His lawyer demonstrated that it was too easy to accuse his client of drug trafficking on the sole pretext that he had a large sum of money on him and that he was in a place known for the street deal in Sandy Ground. "There is no evidence that this money comes from drug trafficking," repeated Maître Lacassagne. After deliberation, the court released the young man. (More details on www.soualigapost.com)

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