Local life: Santa Claus makes people happy at Hervé Williams school!


It is filled with overflowing joy and wide eyes of wonder that the students of Hervé Williams school welcomed Santa Claus last Tuesday in their establishment. A pure moment of happiness!

Accompanied by his Mother Christmas and their elves, Santa Claus, dressed in his legendary bonhomie, was delighted to offer a gift to each of the 365 students of the establishment.

With the association “Mes enfants de Saint-Martin”, created in 2017 following Irma's visit, this year 12 schools will be visited by a Santa Claus loaded with gifts for all school children.

The association was able to organize this important distribution thanks to financial donations, the rigorous work of its volunteers and the generous dedication of its founder, Paige Siltric, a resident of New York, who has never ceased to get involved with the population. the hardest cyclone. Low hat!

Contact: mesenfantsdesaintmartin.org

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