URGENT: Call for donations to replace all the Christmas decorations stolen from the Elie Gibs school; the students are counting on your generosity!


Fools, the word is not too strong, entered the night from Sunday to Monday inside the Elie Gibs school in Grand-Case and took control of the Christmas decorations planned to decorate the float as well as for making the costumes of the children invited to participate in the Oualichi Christmas Parade in the streets of Marigot on Saturday December 17 from 14 p.m.

For the moment, the students are deprived of this magical parade unless many people are mobilizing in the next few hours to help these young elves. All your donations and especially Christmas decorations to make the children's costumes again will be welcome by Friday morning at the Elie Gibbs school. Now is the time to be generous! AF

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