European Union / OR Presidency: Daniel Gibbs received a delegation from the Canaries


After having visited the Canary Islands twice, as part of the presidency of Saint Martin of the Conference of Presidents of the ORs (Ultra Peripheral Region), it was Daniel Gibbs' turn to receive. From February 7 to 9, he welcomed a delegation from this Spanish archipelago, made up of Pédro Ortega, Minister in charge of Economy, Industry and Knowledge, Ildefonso Socorro Quevedo, Vice Minister in charge of Economic Affairs with the European Union, and Guayarmina Peña Garcia, chief of staff to the minister. A visit following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in November 2018 in Gran Canaria.

"The purpose of this Memorandum is to strengthen relations between our islands through political, technical and institutional cooperation," said Daniel Gibbs during a press briefing organized with the delegation on Thursday, February 7 at the end of the day. And to list the areas of intervention concerned: "renewable energies, for which the Canaries are the world champions, tourism and port development, youth mobility, and climate change".

Cooperation between the ORs also aims to promote the sharing of good practices within the framework of the current Saint-Martin presidency of the Conference of Presidents of the ORs, which will end in Saint-Martin in February 2020. The Canary Islands government effect assured this role last year. "We are here to support Daniel Gibbs as president of the conference of presidents of RUP and offer him our collaboration, in order to work together for the benefit of all territories" said Pédro Ortega, minister in charge of the Economy, Canary Industry and Knowledge.

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