Convergence contract: why Saint Martin has not yet signed its own


On July 8, the President of the Republic and part of the government were mobilized in Paris to sign the convergence and transformation contracts (CCT) with the executives of each of the overseas territories.

The CCTs replace the State-Region development contracts and will make it possible to finance structuring projects up to 1,75 billion euros. Compared to the old contracts, these new ones "cover a wider budgetary perimeter, including in the contracting of credits from additional ministries (Sports, equality between women and men) and the main operators of the State", explains the Ministry of Overseas.

All territories have signed their contracts except Saint-Martin. To the question "why?", The ministry replied that "the president, invited, had not wished to participate". Asked locally again, the question gets a more nuanced answer.

The prefecture confirms that the territory of Saint-Martin will be well endowed with its contract. "Its writing is finished and we will soon sign it," says Sylvie Feucher. Daniel Gibbs added: "I have not yet wanted to sign it because we do not yet know the amount of funds that will be allocated and how they will be distributed".

After Irma, the government committed to financially assist the COM with 62 million euros to ensure its functioning, 12 million in 2017 and 50 million in 2018. In the end, it only paid 37 million; the remaining 25 million were not released because Paris considered that the COM had enough tax revenue to ensure its financing.

Elected officials challenged this decision and the government agreed to pay the 25 million but in investment and no longer in operation. "And it is the distribution of this sum of which we are awaiting to finalize and sign the convergence contract for Saint-Martin", explains the president of the COM. The 25 million to be allocated, according to him, to the financing of several projects including some not included in the CCT.


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