BEAUPERTHUY SUCCESSION / Foncier: 300 people march for the same cause


Following the call from Louis Mussington, president of the Community, to demonstrate peacefully this Saturday April 20, 2024 as part of the preservation of Saint-Martin's land heritage, 300 people gathered to start the symbolic march towards The Old House.

Gathered near the Cadisco gas station, the crowd headed towards The Old House at the entrance to Quartier d'Orléans, creating very little traffic disruption. The section of the RN7 which was initially supposed to be closed from 9 a.m. to noon remained open until the start of the march, to be reduced depending on the progress of the participants. At the heart of the crowd dressed in black and white, numerous representatives of associations, certain local elected officials, Valérie Damaseau, president of the Tourist Office, residents with a beautiful mix which defines the unity of Saint-Martin, and obviously, Louis Mussington, president of the Community. The march took place in a perfectly organized and secure setting, in a friendly atmosphere and a unifying spirit. Once arrived at the historic site emblematic of this desire for preservation, The Old House, the crowd took advantage of the facilities put in place, among others, by the Les Fruits de Mer association in charge of the Amuseum Naturalis, in order to exchange on the issues. The spirit of unity was palpable on site. Seven speakers took turns at the microphone to express their feelings about the auction of three plots of land by the judicial administrator in charge of the Beauperthuy estate file but above all to express their visceral attachment to their land with a common will: reopen the dialogue. Ferdinand Beauperthuy wanted to list the 26 lots for sale with the firm intention of preserving the Saint-Martin lands. Mark Yokoyama, co-founder of the Fruits de Mer association, very moved by the mobilization of the population, thanked the crowd for coming forward to try to save The Old House. For Rinaldo Webster, “Saint-Martin is unique and together, we will win this battle.” All the speakers, who spoke in English, did not fail to express their gratitude to Louis Mussington for his commitment.

The latter spoke last, first in French: “We are gathered today for the same cause, to say no to land and real estate speculation, and to say yes to dialogue or any form of negotiation at the amicably to resolve this issue. Recalling his deep desire to buy social peace, the politician admitted to having been unable to meet certain deadlines but considers himself proud of the unity of the Saint-Martin residents: “In a week, I will officially have the estimate land and the Etablissement Public Foncier de Guadeloupe will support us financially but know that they offered €42M and there is no question that the COM will mobilize this sum which would make a profit on the backs of the people of Saint-Martin. I won't admit it, ever! ". Calling for a reasonable discussion with the judicial administrator, Louis Mussington confirmed his moral and political obligation to carry out this demonstration action: “It is not the business of Mussington nor of the COM, it is the business of the Saints -Martinois, I have no image to defend.” _VX

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