A mask for everyone: Dressmakers rewarded for their involvement with vouchers


During the health crisis linked to covid-19, the prefecture and the COM asked the dressmakers of Saint-Martin to make fabric masks for all residents of the French part. The operation was carried out in partnership with Initiative Saint Martin Active and financial support from the Fondation de France. Nearly 38 masks were made and distributed.

The Citizen Economic Action Association (AEC) of merchants in Marigot was first asked to distribute a thousand masks via its network. Then a second time by Initiative Saint Martin Active to allow seamstresses to be rewarded for their volunteer involvement and expertise. It was therefore decided to offer them vouchers. With a value of 20 euros, the vouchers are valid at Marigot merchants joining the operation.

The distribution has just ended; the distribution of vouchers was proportional to the number of masks produced.

A total of 560 vouchers were offered. They must be spent until January.



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