DECRYPTION: The impact of the post Irma crises and the covid on the revenues of Juliana airport (2/3)


Following Irma's visit, the number of visitors fell sharply and the main receipts did not cover staff costs.

In the first quarter of 2014, Juliana had received 158 tourists, this year only 032 were from January to March according to data from the government of St Maarten. It is 74 times less.

In this count, residents' trips are not counted (their number is not yet communicated).

These 74 tourists generated over three months $ 395 million in revenue under the “Sint Maarten Airport Departure Tax”, the amount of which is $ 2,9 according to the details specified by Delta Air lines on a simulated SXM ticket- New York. To which can be added 39 dollars of "Improvement fee". A total income of $ 818 million compared to $ 345 million in 3,7 (not counting the Passenger Screening fees).

Quarterly personnel costs being around $ 3,95 million (according to the 2014 report) or even less this year assuming that they followed the downward trend that began in the early 2010s, the only revenue from the passenger tax just covers them this first quarter, which had not yet happened since Irma.

In addition, so-called conventional expenses have been added to other charges since Irma related to the reconstruction of the terminal. So many charges that the establishment must face without revenue since the closure of commercial flights. Hence the economic interest in reopening as much as possible as soon as possible. (to be continued in our next edition)

* Most recent report available on the platform's website.

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