Irma crisis management: Two requests for the creation of a commission of inquiry!


On September 12 and 19, MPs Sébastien Chenu (North, not registered) and Valérie Boyer (Les Républicains, Bouches du Rhône) presented a motion for a resolution to the National Assembly calling for the creation of a commission of inquiry on the management of the hurricane crisis Irma and José made up of thirty parliamentarians.

“It is clear that the response to this climate crisis may not have been sufficient and that the system has been underestimated. A few days after the disaster and beyond all controversy, questions remain unanswered: why the French were not evacuated? Why were the police not sent in advance? Have airline ticket prices been increased? In order to improve our climate crisis management system, it is urgent to obtain answers, "argues Valérie Boyer, who requests to" establish a commission of inquiry in accordance with article 137 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, who will be responsible for taking stock of the crisis management of hurricanes Irma and José ”.

A few days earlier, Sébastien Chenu had relied on the testimony on LCI of Victor Doublet, resident of the French part. “The soldiers have arrived. The gendarmerie is here, the firefighters are there. Nobody moves. We were forced to form a guard militia of 20-30 people in our armed city. We fired all night to prevent them from looting us. We saw the gendarmes, who came by, who said to us: “Defend yourself as best you can, for a week you are all alone. I hope you have weapons, shoot them. We are not allowed to go out. You have Molotov cocktails, throw them, throw them at them. ” […] They told us “we can't even communicate with each other, we're completely overwhelmed. All vehicles are in the garage. We don't have the gear we need. ” It is a scandal what is happening in Saint-Martin, "reports the deputy for whom" this simple testimony legitimizes the establishment of a commission of inquiry. When a French citizen feels so abandoned and left to himself, the light must be shed on the dysfunctions and measures must be implemented so that this does not happen again ”.

Their two proposals were referred to the Law Commission. For the moment no answer has been given.



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