Concealed work: Chinese convenience stores are subject to controls by the authorities


"The prosecution has taken up the problem of Chinese convenience stores," he said at a correctional hearing Thursday morning. Several government departments were contacted: Deal, border police and CGSS to carry out checks in businesses in the French part, the objective being to check whether the managers comply with the law, particularly in matters of work.

“Often people do not respect the texts because they ignore them. However, they are honest people who work, ”comments the deputy prosecutor. "We don't want to prevent them from working, we just want them to work according to the rules," he said.

If most manage a business registered in the commercial register as they should, not all declare their activity and do not pay social security contributions. Some on the other hand pay the TGCA, the license fee, the patent and the corporate taxes to the Collectivity. As it is often also a family business, children lend a hand without being declared and without a work permit.

For the prosecution, these activities represent unfair competition. In the French part, more than half of the food distribution is provided by so-called Chinese convenience stores.

Today, six managers of establishments have been implicated and have been summoned before the Criminal Court of Saint-Martin. A couple appeared Thursday morning and five others are summoned in January for a special hearing. (


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