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The Caribbean CBD team kindly opened the doors of their store in Bellevue for us to tell us more about this CBD that everyone is talking about. Meet.

First and foremost, CBD is the abbreviation of the term “cannabidiol”, the second most common molecule in hemp, better known as cannabis. The first being THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive substance responsible for the high effects. Conversely, therefore, CBD is not a narcotic, it does not cause addiction or other psychotropic effects. On the contrary, CBD is known and used for its many and varied benefits, as a relaxant, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant. Convinced of the great beneficial potential of CBD on the human body, Adrien decided to open the first CBD store in Saint-Martin at the end of March 2021, “Caribbean CBD”, registered trademark. Accompanied by his right arm Jérôme, Adrien joined forces with the SMC laboratory, Swiss Medical Cannabis, a major player in the CBD industry and one of the only two laboratories in the world to offer a range of CBD oils to have received accreditation. medical. All the products available at Caribbean CBD are controlled, analyzed and tested in the laboratory, thus guaranteeing a THC level of less than 0,2%, without pesticides or additives. Adrien is keen on it, everything is done according to the rules of the art and legality. All those curious wishing to have concrete information on the CBD must meet Élodie who will guide them through the store by detailing each product while being attentive to your needs. The clientele is large, from 7 to 77 years (and more) and the diversity of products impressive: CBD oils, flowers (Green Flavor, single brand), creams, cosmetics, soaps, capsules (against anxiety, lack of energy, insomnia), liquids for electronic cigarettes, not to mention the range of CBD oils for animals… Swiss quality, rigorously controlled. Élodie and Lee-lou inform the new clientele and supervise them, depending on their weight and their pathology, follow up within 3 days after the start of taking CBD and adapt the dosage accordingly. Something to reassure about CBD and convince to try it. _Vx

Caribbean CBD: Bellevue ZAC (above the Monoprix)


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