A morning dedicated to newly appointed staff: a first!


The national education service of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin organized in early October, a morning devoted to welcoming newly appointed staff.

More than a simple meeting, it is a real training device, registered in the academic training plan (PAF) which, like the module set up in continental Guadeloupe on September 20, was implemented here in Saint -Martin.

This convivial and formative moment brought together more than 80 teachers, nurses, management personnel, managers, etc. around a breakfast and especially speakers who presented, explained and demonstrated all the educational issues of our territories.

It was at the college of Quartier d'Orléans, in a brand new room that the participants were able to listen:

• Michel SANZ, IA-DAASEN, who introduced them to the general organization of the national education services and their place within the Guadeloupe academy;

• Olivier BEAUFOUR, coordinator of continuing education and the implementation of the academic project for our territories, who presented them with the key figures as well as the societal specifications that define the challenges they will face;

• Corine BRELEUR-DACALOR, human resources management consultant, who explained the advantages of local HR for all staff;

• Sandra LEDÉE-BERNIER, school teacher, native of Saint-Barthélemy, who presented the historical and contemporary issues related to education in this territory;

  Frantz GUMBS, former principal of the professional high school of Saint-Martin, who demonstrated the weight of history in the anglophonization of Saint-Martin society as well as the new demographic, migratory and cultural issues of this unique island.

This morning was also an opportunity for all these newly appointed staff in the Northern Islands, to exchange informally with each other and with stakeholders on all subjects of education, but also on their installation and their personal perspectives and professional.

A rich morning, which - for a first - was a remarkable and remarkable success that everyone wants to see renewed annually… An appointment is therefore made next year for a new edition (thanks to Olivier BEAUFOUR, coordinator of continuing education staff and the declination of the D'PASS academic project).


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