SOCIETY: Mobilization against road insecurity


Unfortunately, everyone is aware of the series of serious or fatal accidents that have taken place in recent weeks. The blacklist continues to grow and the toll grows heavier. A collective has since been created, determined to make progress in terms of road safety in Saint Martin.

After the recent tragic death of Sarah Lellouche, hit by a biker while she was riding a scooter, a citizen and community momentum rose, crying the fed up of all her lives lost on the roads of Saint Martin where the traffic crime reigns supreme.

A group was therefore created on Facebook “Road insecurity in St-Martin, let’s mobilize! In memory of SARAH! “, name which has since been changed to “Road insecurity in St-Martin, let’s mobilize / Unsafe roads in SXM! ", with in the process an online petition which collects at the time of writing these lines 1010 signatures for a target of 1500 with as a request, a request for a hearing at the Collectivity in order to discuss this sensitive subject which continues daily. The accident that occurred a few days ago on the road to Grand-Case and caused the death of a young Martinican has confirmed the directors of the group in their approach, Claude Isopescu in the lead. This new community condemns the dangerous behavior of certain users of two wheels (rodeo, wheeling, driving without a helmet, excessive speed, etc.) who take other road users hostage, creating dramas like those which are multiplying recently. A brainstorming meeting was improvised this Tuesday, May 31 at 18 p.m. in Orient Bay in order to prepare a meeting with politicians, whether it is the president of the Collectivity - who has already publicly supported the collective - or the prefect. The dozen people gathered, including representatives of the Harley Davidson club, the Motocross club and Bip Bip Coyote Antilles-Guyane in Saint Martin, will focus on three complaints: the strengthening of checks during the day and in the evening (on, among other things, the state of the vehicle), the application of the law for two wheels on the protective equipment starting with the helmet and on the speed used, and finally, the end of the almost daily rodeos with a clear concentration in Nettle Bay. An interview is scheduled with the politicians early next week. It is high time to act. _VX

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