Six years in prison for abusing his girlfriend's children


A man has been sentenced to the maximum sentence, six years in prison, by the justice of Sint Maarten for having mistreated his ex-girlfriend and having sexually abused her children.

The acts of abuse occurred at the end of January. As for the sexual abuse, the first were committed between March 28, 2020 and March 28, 2021 on a child and the second between January 1 and January 30, 2022 on another child. Throughout this period, the man was in a relationship with the mother.

The individual was also ordered to pay damages to the victims, ie 500 dollars to the mother, 1 and 400 dollars to his daughters aged eight and eleven.

The Sint Maarten public prosecutor's office considers "sexual offenses not only as an act against a person, but also against society" and encourages victims to file a complaint. (

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