Sint Maarten: Fights near schools on the rise


The start of the school year is still fresh and yet the police have already counted more than a dozen fights near schools since the resumption.

In recent weeks, law enforcement agencies in Sint Maarten have had to deal with several cases of students physically attacking themselves outside schools, despite a decree from the Minister of Justice prohibiting to hang out near schools when classes are over. In mid-September, the services concerned recorded ten school fights during which several students were injured and taken to the Sint Maarten medical center to receive treatment. Another incident of which the police were informed recently, a bus driver was allegedly blocked by a group of students and a car occupied by young people they knew, they were looking for another student. Zero tolerance regarding school and gang fights is enforced by Sint Maarten police forces. These therefore urge all parents to get involved in curbing the growth of this type of incident by talking to their children about the dangers of such fights and the consequences that could result. Plus, school fights aren't just the police's problem, it's a community problem. The whole population must commit to avoid tragedies and that school fights do not become a news item among many others. _VX

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