MICRO-SIDEWALK “5 years have passed since the passage of Hurricane Irma, how did you experience this anniversary date? »


“It's still a terribly sensitive subject, the memories remain traumatic, even after 5 years. Despite the forecasts and recommendations, no one expected such violence from the elements. This natural disaster marked us forever, but it also allowed us to show great solidarity among us, the inhabitants of Saint-Martin. Of course, I remember the outbursts, the looting for example, but I also saw so much help, strength and courage from relatives and strangers. In the aftermath of the hurricane, I remember that we stuck together, helped each other, to survive, to rebuild and to keep our spirits up when despair reigned. I will never forget that night, but neither will I forget the days that followed and when life resumed its rights. »   Séverine



“I remember it like it was yesterday, I can still hear the gusts of wind, the sound of metal sheets flying and the cries of people. You can't imagine what it is like if you haven't experienced it. Cyclone Irma devastated our island, my family and I lost everything, it was thanks to the help of our neighbors who welcomed us into their safer accommodation that we survived. Our house was destroyed by the hurricane, the car too, nothing was salvageable, everything was swept away by the winds, ravaged by downpours. Little by little, we got up and rebuilt. Saint-Martin still bears the scars of the passage of the hurricane, sometimes I think it's sad to give that image and sometimes I think it's a good thing, so that foreigners who come to our island do not forget how precious life is. We will never forget. »   Jojo


“I've been coming to Saint-Martin on vacation for so many years, I knew the island before Hurricane Luis, I saw Saint-Martin reborn once. I was not present on the territory when Irma struck, with the violence that we know. I came back to the island a few days later, as soon as I was able to come, because I was deeply touched by what had happened, some neighborhoods were simply devastated, blocks of houses scratched of the map, I wanted to contribute in my own way to the reconstruction of this place so dear to my heart. Today, several scars remain even though the bulk of the reconstruction work has been carried out. 5 years later, the evocation of this drama still gives me goosebumps. Natural disasters can reveal the worst in human beings but also the best, the outpouring of solidarity was incredible. The population of Saint-Martin is endowed with indescribable mental strength. »   Tony


“We don't talk about it much between us, in my family, with friends, because it's still painful to dive back into that night. I remember being scared, really scared. Even though we were safe and prepared, the night seemed endless. It was 5 years ago but it's still fresh in my head. My mother refuses to talk about it otherwise she will start crying, our house hasn't suffered too much, we were lucky if I compare to others in the neighborhood who have lost everything. We welcomed a lot of people at home, it created bonds that have remained strong, even today. I have the impression that people forget quickly, we must not forget. »   Mickey

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