Health: A subscription to act against chlordecone


A subscription has just been launched by the association Envie Santé. She needs 20 euros to start legal action to demand 000 chlordecone in the diet of Guadeloupeans.

The association "Envie Santé" wants to roll back the State in the Chlordécone file. ANSES, the national health security agency, has in fact authorized the increase in MRLs, the maximum residue limits in meat.

"Envie Santé" intends to go to court, but for that you need money. Through a subscription platform, Kisskissbankbank, the structure launched a call for financial donations with the objective of collecting 20 euros (note: it has only collected slightly more than 000 euros to date).

"Envie Santé" highlights the health of the 800 Guadeloupeans and Martiniquans at stake.

Many of them are still overexposed to chlordecone contamination. Some people consume food that they produce themselves, in particular eggs and poultry, evolving in sensitive areas or food bought on the roadsides, without control.

As a reminder, chlordecone is a pesticide used until 1993 in the banana plantations of Martinique and Guadeloupe to fight against weevils, insect pests of banana trees. Very persistent and bioaccumulative, chlordecone is still present in the soil. It can be found in certain foodstuffs of plant or animal origin, as well as in the waters of certain catchments used for the production of water intended for human consumption. _AF

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