EDUCATION: Geographic distribution of students by college


The Collectivity adopted for the start of the September school year the following sectorization of the colleges.

Go to Mont des Accords College students living in Terres Basses, Baie Nettlé, Sandy Ground, Low Town, Bellevue, Saint James, Concordia, Spring and Marigot.

Go to the school city / college Soualiga Students residing in Galisbay, Agrément, Hameau du Pont, Morne Valois, Cripple Gate, Friar's Bay, Colombier, Rambaud, Saint Louis, Morne O'Reilly, La Savane, Grand Case, Cul de Sac and Anse Marcel.

Go to the college of Quartier d'Orléans students residing in Orient Bay, Orleans District and Oyster Pond.


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