Relay of November 11: A race marked by solidarity for the teachers of the Sandy-Ground Team!


On the occasion of the 29th relay organized by the Dutch side to celebrate Saint-Martin's Day, the teachers of Sandy-Ground launched out in the race with new colleagues who got involved in the project.

The start was given at 7 am in the morning. Ten courses with an average of 3 km had been allocated to each teacher. They wore a T-shirt presenting the name of their school and their team but also an image representing the “Friendly School” which they incarnate, showing children holding hands.

The objective of this race was the union of teachers to perfect projects in the school this year. It is a successful challenge because in the street, we heard chanting “SGT! SGT! SGT! ”. In addition, the teachers of the school, who were not participants in the race, lent themselves to the game and did not hesitate to encourage their colleagues either by following them or by running with them.

The start of the trilogy seems to herald a year full of projects! 

Congratulations to the whole team: LAKE Glenn, PIERRE-JOSEPH Stella, SOUDIAGOM Donovan, NICOLEAU Catherine, BANDOU Catherine, ATHALYS Dino, LARISSE Jaï, MARDIVIRIN Jean-Marc, CARLET Jérôme, M'GHEZZI Nour but also fellow supporters!_AF


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