Obesity awareness day / Sport and Health: the winning duo!


The Circumscription des Iles du Nord, in partnership with the USEP des Iles du Nord, organized the day before yesterday, at the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium, a day of awareness and prevention of obesity. More than 300 students, representing the elementary schools of Sandy-Ground, Nina Duverly, Emile Choisy, Hervé Williams "2", Grand-Case and Quartier d'Orléans "2" were present for the occasion…

During the morning, various workshops, led by school nurses, were set up for the students' reflection, in particular on hygiene and food. A fundamental work essential to inform and educate the youngest. Without forgetting physical education and sport which contributes effectively to the prevention and the fight against obesity and, more generally, to education and the promotion of health.
"The objective of this athletic meeting is to encourage children to practice physical and sporting activities", underlines Jean-Luc Elice, president of the USEP of the Northern Islands, before adding: "the hygiene of life imposed by practicing physical and sports activities has a beneficial effect on health, from an early age! ”
On the other hand, children who do not play sports are much more likely to put on weight because they do not burn calories through physical activities. Inactive leisure activities, such as watching TV or playing video games, also contribute to the problem of childhood obesity. The increasingly sedentary lifestyle imposed on children by modern society does nothing to solve the problem. To meditate…

The USEP des Iles du Nord and the Circonscription would like to thank all the educational teams, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin and the school nurses, Mrs. Breton Anaïs and Mrs. Duravel Jocelyne.

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