Politics: First public plenary session of the new Territorial Youth Council


The Territorial Youth Council held its second plenary session on Saturday 5 May at 15 p.m. in the deliberations room of the Collectivity hotel. It was the first public plenary session since the installation of the fifth territorial youth council on January 20, during which Ashille Brooks was elected president.

Each committee submitted its future projects to the vote of all the members. All were voted unanimously.

The Sports, Health and Culture commission has proposed a day devoted to Sports (volleyball, basketball, urban bodybuilding) entitled "Fet Fit, Get Lit" and intended for young people aged 13 to 19. This event must be organized on the Concordia sports center on July 18 from 9 am to 16 pm. The same commission presented a second project: the Colorful Run, a five-kilometer non-timed race during which participants are sprayed with colored powders on August 18 at 16 p.m. in Marigot. The Education commission has submitted the idea of ​​a CountDown Exams to encourage young people in Grades XNUMX and XNUMX as well as students from Saint Martin who take their tests in June, and "make them laugh while encouraging them to hang on ". This countdown consists of the publication of humorous photos on the CTJ Facebook page featuring two CTJ members and representing a studious student and a lazy student with a different theme with each new post.

The various committees also reported on the progress of other projects, voted during the first plenary session. Thus, to create the “solidarity wall” on one of the walls of the Vanterpool stadium, the elected officials of the Solidarity Commission have planned to organize a meeting with a graffiti artist. Regarding education, the committee concerned is currently looking for a place to hold a spelling bee with the CM1 and CM2 classes as well as the college and if possible the bilingual classes. After discussions with the various members, it was decided that the event would ideally be held before the All Saints holidays on the seafront. Finally, the Communication committee announced that a meeting would be held at the end of the month with the Communication directorate of the COM and the audiovisual unit in order to learn some techniques to be able to make videos on the actions of the CTJ within the framework of the CTJ News project.

The CTJ also specified the modalities of its future actions. The Dej'First operation, which consists of distributing breakfasts to candidates taking their bac exam, is also extending this year to those taking the certificate. The members of the CTJ will be at the school complex on June 18 and 19, and on the 27 and 28 at the Mont des Accords college and are awaiting confirmation from the vocational high school so that they can also be examined there every day. The CTJ invites all young people who would like to help make this distribution to contact its members on its Facebook page. Finally, this year for the commemoration of the abolition of slavery which will take place on May 27, the CTJ is preparing a dance.

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