VISIT: SXM Car Community Showcases Modified Vehicles to Daniella Jeffry High School Mechanics Class


On Monday, April 17, the SXM Car Community visited the Lycée Professionnel Daniella Jeffry in Marigot where modified vehicles were presented to the mechanics class.

Our  cars were presented by each owner. Part of the students' job was to interview each owner and collect all the information such as the model, make, modifications and special upgrades made to the car.

The group also donated a 4.6 horsepower 2005 Ford 310L engine to the school.

SXM Car Community is a car enthusiast group that consists of racing, drifting and sound enthusiasts. The event was organized by Jean-Christophe Ramassamy, who teaches the 2nd level vehicle maintenance course.

The SXM Car Community hopes to be able to organize other activities and events aimed at educating the young people of the island, both on the French and Dutch sides._AF

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