Politics: Meeting of the territorial council this Friday, December 20


The elected officials of the territorial council were to meet on Saturday, December 14 in plenary session, but it was canceled due to events. The meeting was therefore postponed to Friday, December 20.

  Nine items are on the agenda:

• Approval of amendment n ° 1 to the protocol of November 6, 2017 concluded between the State and the Community

• Debate on budgetary guidelines for 2020 and multi-year investment plan for 2019-2023.

• Fixing of the tax rate for the year 2020

• 2019 income tax scale and various tax measures

• Deliberation project for the admission in not value of titles of receipts emitted by the commune / COM

• Primitive budget for the year 2019, amending decision number 2

• Authorization to allow the president to initiate and liquidate capital expenditure before the vote on BP 2020

• Payment of travel expenses of elected officials of the COM from January 1, 2020

• Abrogation of the deliberation of September 23, 2019 regulating the travel expenses of the agents from January 1, 2020. _AF

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