Politics: Daniel Gibbs takes stock of current strike


The President of the COM gave an update on the current strike on Thursday 18 April at a press conference. This strike, started by part of the COM and CTOS agents on January 30 at the call of the UTC-UGTG union, has since April 11 been joined in particular by the Soualiga United collective and the SUD PTT and SPEG.

Regarding the initial movement launched by the UTC-UGTG, Daniel Gibbs affirmed that the situation was “blocked” and that there was “a big difference between what we wanted to do and what we could do”. "We have exhausted discussions, negotiations and mediations," he said.

He recalled that the community had contacted the prefecture last Thursday, the first day of the general and unlimited strike, to explain "the concrete proposals" which had been made to the agents of the COM and the CTOS. The alternatives proposed by the COM, to the 75 agents whose contracts have not been renewed (including the 16 from CTOS) accompanied by the State, are training with the Pôle Emploi, paid not at 70% but at 100 % of the value of the agents' current remuneration, so that they qualify in one of the hundred trades offered covering the fields of early childhood, construction, hotels and restaurants ... or activities in demand on the territory.

The president reaffirmed the will of the community to outsource extracurricular activities for which "the load is too heavy" and which will be entrusted to associations which can benefit from European funds. Its objective is to perpetuate these associations so that they can hire. He further specified that he had signed a memorandum of understanding with the UTC-UGTG on the other claims. “We are the first term of office to have accepted the review of agents' careers and the establishment of the compensation scheme! It's a right for the agents / it was deserved and we did it despite the financial difficulties! This agreement concerns all territorial agents and represents a considerable sum to be charged to the functioning of the community. It is actually several million euros over the next three years… ”

And declared to regret the blockages which "slow down the files in progress and the reconstruction sites". 

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