POLICY: Annick Petrus is the new senator


At the end of the second round of the senatorial election which took place on Sunday afternoon, Annick Petrus won the most votes, so she becomes the new senator for Saint-Martin. She collected 15 votes, Marthe Ogoundele 5 and Guillaume Arnell 2. There are two blank votes. As in the first round, Erwan Trotel had no voice.

In the second round, Annick Petrus recovered five votes, Marthe Ogoundele and Guillaume Arnell respectively lost 1 and 3. In the first round 3 voters had voted blank, only 2 in the second round.

In the courtyard of the prefecture, Annick Petrus declared: "it is the big one up there who made it possible".

She also thanked her deputy, the president of the COM and all the elected representatives of the territorial council for having supported her. She said that once installed in the Senate, she would like to be able to join the law committee. She will have to choose a political group, it should be The Republicans since it is under this label that she submitted her candidacy to the prefecture. As a reminder in 2012, she had been Louis Mussington's deputy in the legislative election of Saint-Martin / Saint-Barth, the latter presented himself as a socialist candidate.

In accordance with the law, Annick Petrus cannot combine her mandate as vice-president and member of the executive council with that of senator. She's going to have to resign. A new vice-president or a new vice-president will have to be appointed. On the other hand, Annick Petrus can keep part of her delegation if she wishes.


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