Fight against drug trafficking: The "Germinal" surveillance frigate intercepts 60 kilos of drugs in the West Indian region


At the end of last week, an interception operation was carried out by the surveillance frigate (FS) Germinal of the armed forces in the West Indies (FAA) against a fast boat that had recovered drugs during a transshipment on the high seas to l west of the West Indian arc.

The transshipment was followed by American aircraft from US Customs and Border Protection, then by a C26 aircraft from the regional security organization “Regional Security System” based in Barbados, acting in support of FS Germinal.

The intervention of the Panther helicopter of the 36F on board the frigate forced the traffickers to get rid of their cargo. The bundles thrown into the sea, probably weighted down by drug traffickers, sank.

The first analyzes make it possible to estimate the quantity discharged into the sea at 60 kilos of drugs, probably cocaine, the value of which is around 350 euros in the West Indies or 000 million euros in France.

This operation made it possible to remove a large quantity of drugs from the Caribbean drug trafficking network and deprive it of significant financial gain.

It is an operational success which illustrates the work carried out daily in the fight against drug trafficking by the means of the armed forces in the Antilles (FAA), in cooperation with the American Joint Inter-Agency Task Force South (JIATF / S), and the Regional Security System.

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