Serious and imminent danger for a building located in Grand-Case: 40 people forced to leave their home!


Last Thursday, late in the morning, a tenant of a private building located in Grand-Case (note: on the edge of the RN7, opposite the airport) complained to the territorial police of "visible disorders in his appartment ".

Police then went to the site, joined by officers from the management of the living environment.

They visited the premises and saw that the state of the building was dangerous. The police established a report which enabled the Community to issue an order of serious and imminent danger, Thursday, early in the evening. The decision was also notified to the owner. The COM also applied to the administrative court to appoint an expert.

The solidarity department went there and identified forty people who lived in fourteen apartments. They are evacuated and must be relocated. “The owner is financially and functionally responsible for the rehousing. The community if deficiency subrogates and will send the invoice to the owner ”, specifies the Community.

Important clarification: The imminent danger order has been taken as a precaution because the building is in a disturbing state. A wall threatens to collapse and many cracks have appeared. The community has requested that an expert be appointed by the court. This expert will define if the tenants can return to the premises once he has appraised the building. In this case, the order will be lifted or maintained depending on the results of the appraisal. No one except the expert is able today to be able to judge the state of the building. This is why the community has taken its precautions in accordance with the law which requires it._AF


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