Justice examines minor prostitution case


In November 2017, the gendarmerie of Saint-Martin launched a preliminary investigation following the denunciation by a mother of pimping acts of which her minor daughter was the victim. It turned out that a 17-year-old minor acted as the usual intermediary between many clients and prostituted minors in Saint-Martin.

In June 2018, several arrests took place, including five clients, a young individual who was sheltering the minor victim and his companion. They were summoned last week before the criminal court of Saint-Martin. For three of the five clients, the story is similar: they claim to have known the young girl in a context other than that of her activities. Then, by dint of exchange, each has succumbed to initiating sexual relations with the alleged. All three gave her money to eat or take care of her baby. Regarding the host, he explains that after understanding his activity, he kicked her out of his home and discussed social services.

Two of the clients will be fined € 1 while the other defendants are released. (soualigapost.com)


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